About Art Food Products

Since 2013, Art Food Products has been a stable sole-proprietorship establishment. Owned and managed by a dependable proprietor Arturo Tabbu, a member of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Industry (PCCI). It is located at Lighthouse Cooperative, Bagay Road, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan.

The idea of having a business of our own was the motivation. We have skills in food processing. Producing products people love thrills us. Running Art Food Products is fascinating being your own boss. The joy of seeing people buy your products gives us the joy to develop more products that people like to buy. Plus the thought of generating unlimited income from your efforts provides inspiration to push through with the business.

Our products are familiar since it is made of cheese, honey, milk, and tamarind. But it is comforting to know that the raw materials are predictably always available. Thus, the processed foods are always available in the market and volume of production is open to the market.